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Easy Fun Science Project for Kids

easy science project for kids SLOP

Looking for an easy fun science project for kids? This 3 Ingredient Science Slop teaches solids and liquids in a fun way! We were a doing properties of matter unit with my home preschool daughters and I wanted to start the unit with a fun science project. You can do this project easily at your home or classroom also! You only need 3 ingredients. Free Printable Recipe Below. 

3 Ingredient Science SLOP

3 Ingredient Science SLOP
A simple 3 ingredient science project that helps teach the properties of solids and liquids in a fun way! (do not eat it, just play with it!)
  1. 2 cups cornstarch
  2. 1 cup tap water
  3. 2+ Tablespoons turmeric
  1. Get ingredients and these supplies ready: 1 large mixing bowl, 1 large flat tray to protect table, an apron or big shirt to protect clothes from SLOP. Baby wipes and soapy / water ready for easy clean up.
  2. Wear apron or shirt to protect clothes from SLOP.
  3. Place Bowl onto Tray.
  4. Mix cornstarch, water, and turmeric in a large mixing bowl by hand.
  5. Let the Science Fun Begin!
  1. I do not like using chemicals or artificial dyes, so I used natural organic turmeric to color our SLOP! It worked great!
  2. Once you mix the ingredients, now time for some science!
What happens when you
  1. Scoop up some SLOP and roll it into a ball?
  2. Hold it in your hand and let it transform to a liquid?
  3. Leave it in the bowl, now try to poke or "gently punch" down on it- what happens?
  4. How many seconds does it take for the substance to transform in your hands?
  5. Do you know WHY??
  6. A solid has a defined shape. A liquid takes the shape of its container. In this project, when SLOP is made we use cornstarch which doesn't actually dissolve into the water, but the particles seem to slide, especially in certain positions, so it feels like a liquid at times. But not always! When does it feel like a solid? Look around as you feel both properties of solids verses liquids. Name some solids you see while playing with the SLOP. Name some liquids you see.
  7. ** EASY CLEAN UP: Once my kids had their fun and learning time, I had them drip the SLOP mostly off their hands into the bowl. Then I took a baby wipe and wrapped it around each of their hands and had them close their hand into a fist so the wipe was secure. This was a great trick to stop any SLOP from dripping onto my carpet as they walked to the kitchen sink. Then I used soap and water to wash them off right away. The turmeric kept their hands a bit yellow for a few hand washings, and then was completely gone. (It can stain clothes or surfaces if you don't wash it up right away.) I cleaned everything up with warm soapy water immediately and it went great!!
  8. Hope you have fun making this 3 Ingredient Science SLOP!
  9. More Fun @ ~
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I Believe in Joy!

 For storage: We stored our Science SLOP in an air tight container in the fridge and played with it several different days during the week.

Do you have a fun and easy science project that you love to do with your kids or students? Have you found a creative way to color something naturally? Share it with me! ~ Joy

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3 ways I Calm Our Coughs Naturally

how to calm a cough

Calm Coughs Naturally! Photo Credit: anitakhart via Compfight cc

 3 Ways I Calm Our Coughs Naturally

Disclaimer so you don’t read this and then try to figure a way to sue me for money I don’t have: Just because I am a nurse and a Mom in a family who all has asthma, and have found ways to naturally calm our own coughs, please note, I am not a doctor and I am not your nurse, and I am not providing medical advice or a health treatment for you. Especially if you have been coughing for days, or are coughing so much you can’t breath then for crying out loud people, get offline and go call 911. Anyways, I simply am sharing 3 ways I calm our coughs naturally in our home.  Ok. Now that we have clarified that, let’s proceed. 

We know that coughs can be annoying, spread germs, and keep us from doing the things we need to do- like SLEEP. We have a family of 5, with 3 kids who get exposed to germs every day, so occasionally a cough comes up. (I’m NOT talking about an asthma attack people, read the disclaimer again. If you’re having an asthma attack I’m not going to be any help for you.)

But, when my school age kids are recovering from a cold, and have an occasional cough that pops up, I wanted to find a natural approach to calming that minor cough without pumping medicine into them. 

So here are 3 Ways I Calm Coughs Naturally in Our Home: 

1) Gentle Cough Calmer 

  • 1 ounce warm water
  • 2 Tablespoons raw local honey  (*don’t give honey to infants under 1 year of age)
  • 1 ounce of freshly blended pineapple juice or fresh squeezed orange, lemon, or citrus 

I mix that together and sip it every few hours to calm my coughs naturally. It has helped many a groggy child in my home fall back to sleep after a mild cough woke them up.

2) Cough Calming Popsicles

In my blender I place:

  • 4 peeled whole local grown organic oranges
  • 2 cups fresh organic pineapple
  • 2  organic bananas
  • 2-4 TBS raw local honey (don’t give to infants under 1 year of age)

I blend it together until nearly liquid. I pour them into portable containers and freeze them until solid. The citrus and raw honey is so soothing and they are packed with Vitamin C. These “treats” have become essential tools to calm coughs and give us a boost of natural vitamin C from whole food sources for my family when fighting a mild virus. Here’s where I buy my popsicle containers. .

3) Tried and True: Raw Local Honey

  • Spoon
  • Raw Local Honey (Don’t give to infants under 1 year of age)

Can’t beat the original raw local honey! We get it from one of the farms closest to us, and keep it ready especially during the “germy months”. I scoop out a teaspoon full of the local honey, squeeze a squirt of the juice from a fresh orange or lemon (whichever is tossed back into the fridge from a meal earlier in that day), and a little mouth comes and slurps it off the spoon and then heads back to bed, her cough calmed naturally.

So, those are my 3 Ways I Calm Our Coughs Naturally!

What are your Go To Ways to Calm a Cough (or other symptom) Naturally in Your Home?


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