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How to Move 101

How to Move 101: by Joy

It has been an exciting month! As you may have heard, our little family moved into a new area and as I explained in a prior post, this was not our first move! I can now without a doubt, be considered an expert adviser on the topic of “How to Move 101” 🙂  Here is the BEST MOVING TIP you will ever receive.

How to Move 101

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Well, we created this idea after a few moving disasters. One move, all the movers spoke different languages from each other and from us. We spent hours labeling each box in English what was in the box and what room we wanted it placed in, yet when the moving company arrived, none of the movers spoke English and could not read the English labels. Trying to get boxes into the proper room was a nightmare and it was by far the most disorganized move yet. 

Another move, we had a moving company who came and packed the entire house themselves and then moved us, placing items wherever they wanted. Again – a moving nightmare. I had no idea what was in the boxes and the boxes were all in the wrong parts of the house.

After a few moves like that, we invented a new system. With the recent popularity of different colored Duct Tapes, our family’s method became even more fabulous. Everyone that has seen or tried our system has LOVED it!! 

Here’s what we do: 

1) Every room gets a different colored roll of Duct Tape. The kids love picking their own pattern. You can buy them in bulk with this affiliate link at the cheapest price I have found anywhere.

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2) Boxes are packed and sealed with extra sturdy clear tape. You may write exactly what’s in the box for your own peace of mind, but it’s not required.

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3) Put a color coded piece of Duct Tape across each box for the room you want it placed in by the moving company, friends, or family.

moving tape ibelieveinjoy

4) When moving into your new home, Place a KEY out for all movers and helpers to see. The key tells which room the boxes go in. When first arriving at the new house, we also place the rest of the colored roll of duct tape on the floor of the specified room, so immediately, all movers, no matter if there is a language barrier or not, can identify the color and match the boxes into the correct room. Watch in amazement as your move turns into a simple process in seconds. No one has to chase you down to ask, “Where do you want this?”

This is the fastest, easiest, and most efficient method to move an entire house full of items, no matter if you use a moving company or not!! It also helped my toddlers understand that yes – their favorite toys were in “their boxes” because they could see their personalized color of tape being loaded into the moving van, coming back out, and being matched to the color of tape in their new room. This tip reduced the children’s anxiety about moving 100% and I know this tip will work wonders for you also! 

Have you moved a lot? What is your best moving tip? You may also like Joy from Challenges.