5 Low Cost Fall Family Night Activities

Posted on September 25, 2015

5 Low Cost Fall Family Night Activities

by Joy

Fall. Is. Here.

Finally! Cooler mornings and beautiful crisp nights set the stage for perfectly memorable  “Friday Family Nights.” Friday is our chosen day to always come together and celebrate!

Having a fun family night no matter the age of the family members, can be a great way to come closer and strengthen the family bond. And, for a family that has military members in transition, has moved many times, or is going through a recent change, having a consistent night for everyone to look forward to can make any transition much easier!  

In the Fall, we do the traditional chili nights, corn mazes, and pumpkin patches….but then what? This year we had to get a little more creative as we planned ideas for our family night calendar.

Here are 5 Low Cost Fall Family Night Activities! 

new.ibelieveinjoy.com5 Low Cost Fall Family Night Activities

1) Make Caramel Apples Together ($6.00 for 12) ~ No matter how old or young, this is always a favorite activity!

Friday Family Night Apples

2) BBQ in the Backyard together ($8.00 for 5) ~ Fire up that BBQ and spend time together!

Friday Family Night BBQ

3) Stargaze! (free) ~ Grab a pillow and blanket and look at all those gorgeous stars! Check out a book from the library first to help you identify some of the constellations. 


4) Sunrise Hike (free) ~ This is one of my Favorite activities to do with the kids. Leave before sunrise and hike as the sun comes up – you will never forget watching their faces as they watch the sunrise!


5) Go to a Rodeo Together! (free and upwards) ~ Free tip: many rodeos allow you to watch all events in the practice arena for FREE! When our kids are young, this is more than enough for us! They can watch barrel racing, team roping, dressage, and more on a cool night for a low cost!


 Whatever activity you choose to enjoy this Fall, make it memorable! I hope these low cost Fall Family night Activities will be the perfect compliment to the beautiful crisp weather! 

Enjoy your family today! Love ~ Joy

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