50+ Easy & Healthy Snacks

Posted on September 16, 2015

50+ Easy & Healthy Snacks50+ Easy & Healthy SNACKS50+ Easy & Healthy Snacks

by Joy

As a nurse and as a Mom so many people ask me for ideas on easy and healthy snacks for the whole family. Everyone needs snacks. Kids after school, parents on the go, and families choosing to eat real foods in real life. Tossing packaged foods aside has never been easier. Reach for nature and snack ideas come more easily! Pair fresh fruits and vegetables with lean proteins, healthy dairy choices, and brown rice or real food grain options.

Here are the most used snacks we use to keep food and life healthy – for real 🙂 By request, it is now a printable for you 🙂

50 + Easy & Healthy Snacks
50+ Easy & Healthy Snacks to keep snacking real!
  1. ** All Snack Ideas are Organic & Non-GMO **
  2. Grapes & Cheese cubes on skewers
  3. Carrots sliced as chips
  4. Raspberries & yogurt
  5. Kiwi (1 Kiwi has a full dose of vitamin C!)
  6. Almonds
  7. Coconut chips (unsweetened)
  8. Hard Cooked Eggs
  9. Celery Sticks & Almond Butter
  10. Orange Slices
  11. Cucumber Salad (sliced with: salt, pepper, olive oil & vinegar)
  12. Natural Popped Corn
  13. Plums
  14. Snap Peas
  15. Pineapple Slices
  16. Sliced Radish
  17. Cherry Tomato
  18. Sliced Red, Yellow, Orange, or Green Bell Peppers
  19. Apricots
  20. Avocado slices
  21. Banana
  22. Sliced Beetroot (smaller are usually sweeter)
  23. Cherries
  24. Dried Dates
  25. Guava (good for vitamin A)
  26. Dried Mango Strips (unsweetened)
  27. Olives (try many kinds!)
  28. Clementines
  29. Nuts
  30. Pear (pair it with white cheeses)
  31. Raisins
  32. Strawberries (the only fruit with seeds on the outside 😉
  33. Watermelon (cut small strips and freeze for a summer treat)
  34. Hummus & Veggie Plate
  35. Dolphin safe Tuna (add cubed apple & olive oil mayo or plain yogurt)
  36. Sliced grilled chicken & 1 Tsp Raw Honey for dip (no honey for infants under age 1)
  37. Greek yogurt & fresh fruit
  38. Brown Rice Crackers & Aged Fermented Cheese
  39. Portable Salad: Mozzarella balls, Basil Leaves, & Cherry Tomato on Skewer
  40. Applesauce (make it at home with the kids)
  41. Strawberry Applesauce, aged cheese, & nuts
  42. Monkey Cookies: Sliced bananas on plate, topped with almond butter & a chocolate chip
  43. Pita, hummus, & grilled chicken strips
  44. Island wraps: coconut wraps, grilled chicken, aged provolone, lettuce- wrapped & sliced)
  45. Sweet Snow Peas
  46. Mini Pizzas: Brown Rice Crackers, Spaghetti sauce, Aged Cheese, Black Olive / Pineapple on top
  47. Mango "Ice Cream" Sandwiches: 1 TBS vanilla yogurt topped with 2 TBS fresh mango puree- frozen in ice cube trays (alternate whole fruit flavors to use up ripening fruit)
  48. Homemade Portable Yogurt Treats (ibelieveinjoy/homemade-portable-yogurt)
  49. Kale Chips
  50. Frozen Blueberries
  51. Green Apple Slices, Sunflower Seed Butter, Coconut Crisps (unsweetened)
  52. Brown Rice Crackers, Goat Cheese, Fig
  53. Homemade Caesar Salad
  54. BLT Bites : Kale, Tomato, Sharp White Aged Cheddar, Bacon (or turkey bacon) - on Rice Crackers (a great introduction of kale for kids)
  1. Be creative and try new healthy snacks every week as a family. Try our "color of the day game" - see how many new "red" (alternate colors each week) fruits and vegetables you can find that others in the family have never tried. Prepare and eat the new colors together!
Adapted from www.ibelieveinjoy.com
Adapted from www.ibelieveinjoy.com
I Believe in Joy! http://ibelieveinjoy.com/
Author Joy Brownlee. Written and Photography copyrights
to Joy Brownlee @ ibelieveinjoy.com for the photos bearing Joy's watermark.

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