Biracial Hair Care 101 Store

 Biracial Hair Care 101 Store

Hi! Welcome to my Biracial Hair Store! I took the time to place everything I actually buy and use every day right here for  you. Why do I do this? Because I remember running from store to store as a new Mom of children with Biracial Hair. I was so frustrated that no person could give me honest, gentle, and natural advice on how to care for my 3 daughters hair completely naturally using the least amount of chemicals possible. I promised myself that as soon as my babies were sleeping through the night, that I would make a website that has everything a new Parent needs who wants to care for their child’s natural hair, with joy. These items are what I have spent years running around to get and learning how to use. It is my prayer that now, through this website, you will have what you are looking for, with ease and with joy, without running around to find them. Thank you for purchasing through my Amazon affiliate links below. It keeps your low price the same, and Amazon provides me a payment when you choose to buy from the affiliate links in my blog. This helps us keep our website running and our resources free for you. May you be blessed as you pass on healthy, natural, joyful hair care in your own family and with others.

Joy’s Amazon Associate Products for Biracial Hair Care 101

 Everyday Natural Hair Care Essentials:

Coconut Oil (I use this Non-GMO, organic coconut oil every day in my DIY Detangling Spray)

Avocado Oil (I use in the winter months, because Coconut Oil Solidifies at colder than 76 degrees)

Olive Oil (I use for high porosity hair)

Cantu Leave In Shea Conditioner (This is a large 2 pack! It is one of the brands I like for making my DIY Detangling spray)


Denman Brush (Tutorial)

Gel (Root organics, alcohol free, sodium free, for braids, twists, locks, styles)

Ouchless Goody Holders (no metal, for banding or anytime)

Hair Sectioning Clips (to hold back sections of hair while you part and style)


Pick for Hair (3 Pack: I keep one in each bathroom and one in my purse to refresh cute free hair)


Rattail Comb (Essential for making parts in the hair) 

Spray Bottle (This is currently the same one I am using for my DIY Detangling Spray)

Sleep Cap Bonnet (We use this one for protecting the hair at night) 

 Sleep Cap Tie Back (We use this one for protecting and holding styles in place at night)

Satin Pillowcase To Protect Hair

Shea Moisture Shampoo: we like it! (read the product review)

100% Shea Butter from Ghana (we use for elbows & knees with coconut oil for skin)

Daily Co-Wash to use in shower or bath daily (you rinse this out & then apply leave in conditioner)

What I use for Baby Swim Cap in Summer

What I use for my older kids / long hair swim cap in summer

A Natural Leave in Conditioner I like

Are you looking for something? Just ask me, and I will post exactly what I use on this page.

Thank you for ordering from my Biracial Hair Care 101 Amazon Store!

Here is my post that shows why I started this Biracial Hair Care 101 Section. Thank you for sharing our love and enthusiasm for happy and natural hair.

Much Love, Joy

Author Joy Brownlee. Written and Photography copyrights
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10 thoughts on “Biracial Hair Care 101 Store

  1. Do you wash your girls hair daily? My daughter’s hair is more on the African american side and I have been told to not wash her hair daily but maybe once a week or every other week(She hates her hair washed). Also her scalp gets really dry almost like cradle cap. I’ve tried many different products but have found the only thing that worked so far is Blue Magic. What else could you suggest?

    1. Hi Nichole, Over-shampoo is a major cause of scalp dryness and flaking. I follow these easy rules to prevent that 1)If the hair gets wet, it gets condition (non chemical, leave in). 2)Co-wash (wash with a conditioner) for routine hair care, then apply leave in conditioner. 3) Apply leave in natural oils if needed (see my DIY detangling spray post) each day. 4) Only shampoo as needed to remove build up per each different hair texture (for some of my children shampoo any more than once per week will cause dry hair and scalp) some hair only needs shampoo once every 2 weeks. Using too many oil and moisture stripping products is a major cause of dryness and flaking. Avoid products, chemicals, and avoid over shampooing. We only use the DIY leave in spray and an occasional organic locking cream added before locks or braids. Also, I do not use relaxing chemicals in the hair, it can be very damaging to both the hair and scalp. In addition, styles that protect the scalp and hair should be worn at night with a protective sleep cap. For patches of dry skin I like Aquaphor applied before bed and it provides skin healing and moisture during the night. Thanks for asking what we do, be sure to check out the videos on protective night hair as well as making DIY spray and using sleep caps. There is also a Shampoo 101 post you may find helpful. Have a great day! ~ Joy

  2. Hi Joy, your site has been so helpful. I have a 13month old and the detangle spray works great, I purchased all of the recommended products. I live in No. California and I guess my house is too cold for the coconut oil. The sprayer keeps getting clogged. Do you have any recommendations? Should I try just the leave in and water? More help please. Thanks and God Bless, Tracy

    1. Hi Tracy! 🙂 Welcome 🙂 Yes, any temperatures cooler than 76 will solidify the coconut oil. In that case, I use the Avocado Oil listed in my Biracial Hair Store. I absolutely love it and it works great with all of my biracial children (each with a different hair texture & curl pattern- no two are exactly the same yet it works for each of them). I also clean the spray bottle and pump mechanisms weekly with hot water.
      In your case, I would use the Avocado Oil, leave in, and warm water. Have a great day! Love, Joy

  3. Hi Joy! Love watching your videos! Hoping your page will be of help to me. I have biracial twins who are 22 mo this old. 1 boy…1 girl….the boys hair is more coarse and tight curls and dry and my daughters hair is soft and spiral curls, more on the silky feeling side a little (but not super tight if that makes sense). Both of them get the matted part in the back of their head. Any suggestions on products to use on them and their hair textures are totally diff. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Stephanie 🙂 Welcome! I would use 2 different spray bottles and adjust the ratio of the DIY Daily Detangling and Conditioning Spray that is on my site. For the coarse and tight curls, I would try more of the leave in conditioner and use an avocado oil. For the softer spiral curls, I would try to decrease the amount of leave in conditioner and use a smaller amount of the grape seed oil. I would mix the spray new every week, and adjust as needed for each texture until it matches each hair need. I would definitely use a Satin pillowcase at night to reduce matting and protect the hair. Once the hair is long enough to band at night, I would definitely do that as well. You can find all these supplies in the Biracial Hair 101 Store and you can find the tutorials on the website. I hope that helps, it is simply what I did with my variety of children with all different hair textures. Have a great day! Love, Joy

  4. Hi Joy,
    I’m so glad I stumbled upon your site as I was looking for suggestions on how to care for my daughter’s hair. She is only 6 months old but has a full head of fairly curly hair. For the most part her hair is soft, but she has an extremely course patch in the back. I started using a conditioner and a leave-in (both organic with limited ingedients) about a month ago. It seems to be helping, but the patch on the back remains dry. I made your DIY today. I’m just wondering how old your girls were when you started using it? I want to be sure I’m caring for my daughters hair properly, but I also get worried about using products (even when they are natural) in her hair when she is so young. Thanks again for your site! Your daughters are beautiful!

    1. Hi Maria, Welcome 🙂 Thank you for your question. I’ll share what I did (just a Mom, not a doctor:) My daughters were at different ages when I started using the DIY detangle spray but around 1 year old. That is when my girls hair had grown in and needed to be maintained. Prior to that, I used a little bit of aquaphor on dry spots on her scalp after bath – I would use an organic leave in conditioner on the hair once she had a lot of hair, and prior to that, I used just a little coconut or avocado oil every few days. I avoided products marketed for toddler baby hair as I found too many chemicals in them. Often, the coarse hair in the back for my girls was due to the spot my daughter laid on – small hairs will break off and it will feel coarse and different textured until the hair grows in more (usually after age 1). so, I used a snug fitting satin fitted sheet on her mattress to protect the hair. Once she was an older and safe age for pillows, I used a satin pillowcase. Once choking is not a concern, then I used satin sleep caps. I also found at an age prior to 1 the car seat was tough on the back of my girls hair and once older and my girls could move the head around in the seat there was no further coarse hair spots in the back. Sounds like you are doing a great job! Look forward to seeing you on the blog again. Kindly, Joy

  5. Just found your website from Pinterest. My daughter is biracial and 13 yrs old. She has really thick hair that gets really bad matted on top of her head, underneath and it’s really dry. Any suggestions on getting out the mats?! I’m going to make your spray, but also want to teach her how to care for it. SHe has a very tender head. SImple is the best at our house!!
    So glad to have found you!

    1. Hi Lynn 🙂 Welcome! I understand your concern. Please watch the video tutorials in my youtube channel that will really help with this. We have a video on how to get out very tangled / matted biracial hair, also a video on a night time routine to help prevent this from happening. The daily detangle and conditioning spray will also help. We use a daily, consistent, day and night routine along with sleep caps that are found online at my store page, and this routine is truly what we have to follow daily to prevent the hair from tangling and matting up. I hope this helps you and your daughter get into a good routine. Thank you for coming and I will make a few more videos that may assist you as well. 🙂 Kindly, Joy

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