Candycorn Popsicles

Posted on September 22, 2014

Candycorn Popsicles

Candycorn Sticks Halloween Snack “Food Allergies are Real! Snacks that avoid them are FUN @!”

Candycorn Popsicles: All Treat, No Tricks!

by Joy 

This Fall “Treat” was SO FUN to make with my 3 daughters who have nut allergies. We value health and our responsibility to care for our bodies as best as we can. But around Fall everyone wants to have a little Candycorn treat right? Often we buy candy, not really wanting to add the sugar, dyes, and chemicals to our bodies, and then end up with a stomach ache afterwards. Well, this healthy, allergy friendly snack called “Candycorn Popsicle Sticks” is All Treat, No Tricks. You will find only these organic freshly squeezed / blended ingredients inside:

coconut milk

carrot juice

mango juice

pineapple juice

That’s it! Except the coconut milk, we squeezed or blended our own ingredients right in our kitchen from fresh, organic produce. It was fun to make and is a healthy, allergy friendly treat – no tricks! Here’s how we did it!

First, you can buy these Popsicle molds from my Amazon affiliate link: 

Then just follow this easy recipe! This snack was FUN, EASY, HEALTHY, and ALLERGY FRIENDLY! Made for and with my 3 girls allergic to nuts. Enjoy!

Candycorn Halloween Sticks
This Fall Snack is made from organic, allergy friendly ingredients that taste fantastic and are a healthy snack for Fall or any time of year!
  1. Top White Layer: 2 cups organic coconut milk
  2. Middle Orange Layer: 1 cup carrot juice + 1 cup mango puree
  3. Bottom Yellow Layer: 2 cups organic pineapple juice or pureed fresh pineapple
  1. Replace the plastic sticks that have a closed cover, with a simple Popsicle stick that can stay in the container while freezing each layer.
  2. Pour 1/3 of each container full with the coconut milk. Freeze several hours until solid.
  3. Pour next 1/3 of each container full with the carrot & mango puree. Freeze until solid.
  4. Pour next 1/3 of each container full with the pineapple juice. Freeze until solid.
  5. Enjoy your healthy candycorn snack!!
  1. This snack was made for and with my 3 daughters with a nut allergy. Find out why we are doing this at
  2. "Food allergies are Real! Snacks that avoid them are FUN @!"
I Believe in Joy!
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