Cell Phone Rules – by Kids

Posted on May 27, 2015

Cell Phone Rules –  By Kids


The other day I woke up and decided I wanted to go to Legoland.

So, I checked my faithful source for Legoland and Disneyland crowd status called Crowdtracker. Turns out – I was right! It was a GHOST TOWN! It made my day! We went on ride after ride with NO lines and NO crowds. I had the best day.  Here’s a few pictures of the family:


photo 3 (34)The kids are very excited about the new LegoFriends exhibit which is set to open this summer.  Just before we were leaving Legoland for the day, we stopped into the Lego Race Room where you can build your own race car and then race it. There were quite a few families inside. While we there building, racing, and playing with our Lego cars, I looked around the room and 90% of the adults were on their phones while the kids played. I asked my kids if they had noticed  –

“Yup, and it made me sad. Parents should follow some cell phone rules.” 

I laughed. “Well, what would you say are the most important cell phone rules grown ups need to know about?” I wasn’t ready for the heart tug that my own kids were about to teach me…..

Here are some cell phone rules for parents – by kids 🙂

1. Don’t hold your phone more than my hand.

2. Don’t cry if you lose your phone because I’m still here.

3. Only use your phone “once in a while” not “all the time” because I miss you- all the time. 

4. I always want to talk with you, I’m just too little to text you.

5. Phones are allowed to get a time out while we get time together.

So, there you have it! Some cell phone rules for parents – by kids. What do you think??

~ Joy

Local Tip: Check out Crowdtracker before you book your Legoland dates.

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