Coronado Bridge Lesson

Posted on June 30, 2014

Coronado Bridge Lesson 

Coronado Bridge Design
After spending the day at Coronado Island, we were excited to create our own bridge design! Scroll down to print simple lesson plan!

For one day of our Family Camp this week we went to Coronado Island. To prepare for the day we also did a lesson on bridges, engineering, and structures. We discussed the Coronado Bridge before going and made it a point to make observations together while going over the bridge. Here is a reference link to the bridge if you would like to read more. We set out to enjoy our day of summer fun and learning as a family!

bridge design
We enjoyed the drive and made observations 



Coronado Bridge Lesson
“Look! There it is! Do you notice the curve?!”

After driving over the bridge we played. We enjoyed a lovely day burying each other in the sand and creating fun learning memories together. Throughout the day we would talk about the bridge, make observations from different angles, and think about how we could build our own.

When we got home, we got out our supplies and got to work! We had already made this beautiful homemade yellow play dough colored with turmeric from our kitchen science lab! Print the play dough instructions by clicking here to make your own! 

For the bridge design, we knew we had to work together. Everyone at first used the supplies to come up with their own design. Then we discussed the strengths and weaknesses of each design, and compiled the best design methods together to build one bridge. (Skills: critical thinking, engineering, planning, communication, cooperation, structure design) We got to work!

bridge design
“Let’s measure between them because we will need to fit the wooden sticks evenly across”

Step 1: Decide support structures (Skills: Planning, Classification, Physics, Math)

Cooperation skills at work

Step 2: Work together to build the design. (Skills: Cooperation, engineering, math, physics)

We can curve it like the Coronado was, but not too much or it will be weak
“We can curve it like the Coronado was, but not too much or it will be weak”

Step 3: Cooperate for construction and evaluate each step of the way. (Skills: Hypothesis testing, critical thinking, cooperation, engineering, evaluating, envisioning). This phase was neat. They really had to exchange their ideas and work together to get the image they envisioned in their minds, into reality with their building materials.

engineering homeschool lesson
Putting it all together!

Step 4: Put the final touches on the project!

bridge design lesson plan
Celebrate a design well done!

Step 5: Evaluate and celebrate a job well done!

The family had a blast doing this summer learning Coronado Bridge Design project! Now it’s your turn! Print the Lesson Below and Get Building!  

Coronado Bridge Design Project
Use in conjunction with physics, engineering, design units. Make your own play dough and then design your own bridge!
Supply List for Coronado Bridge Design
  1. 4 Cups of Play Dough
  2. 20 Popsicle Sticks
  3. Black Paper represents land
  4. Blue Paper represents water
  1. Engineering, physics, math, measuring, critical thinking, design, cooperation, history.
I Believe in Joy!


Buckets of Fun Coronado Bridge

We had buckets of fun living this educational day with joy on the island, over the bridge, and right back into our own home. Thanks for coming along!

What has been your favorite structure to learn about and then create?





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