Home Preschool Schedule

Posted on June 1, 2015

Home Preschool Schedule

by Joy


When I first started staying home, I decided I needed a schedule to operate from that would allow me to have a routine that fit all aspects of home life into it including doing home preschool, doing projects with my older kids who were home for the summer, and also getting the tasks done around the house that I needed to attend to. 

As a nurse I was used to a schedule and it helps me to be productive. So, I sat down and combined all the aspects of a home schedule into one document. Here it is as a free printable for you to use. Of course, I absolutely do not follow this schedule exactly. But when I was first starting out doing home preschool I really needed a guide to help me at least have some goals to stay on track. If you need some sort of guide as well, maybe this will help you too! 


In addition to printable, here are some tips that have really helped me.

1) Daily Quiet time for family planned into the day.

2) Meal Planning for home eating or field trips out planned as much as possible.

3) Schedule activities such as outdoor time, reading time, free play, and invention science projects into the day.

4) Have a list of “NAP SPECIALS” with the supplies prepared. This is a HUGE help to me. I have a few “Go To” special activities for when the baby is asleep. I keep them prepared for use but put away until I need them. They include the small Lego’s for free building, sewing lessons, piano lessons, art lessons, science projects, messier crafts etc. The kids are aware – we work on some special activities while the baby sleeps, and when we hear her begin to wake up, we start to clean them up.new.ibelieveinjoy.com

** All these tips are already built into my Family Homeschooling Daily Schedule! Hooray!! ** Also, the schedule is a guideline I put together to get all of our learning in, with a baby nap schedule, and with life. I don’t follow it to a ”T”. There are days we sleep in, or play at the beach all day. There are days we go on field trips all day and don’t use the schedule at all. No day is the same. But this does provide me what I need on the days I need a schedule. During the SPECIAL times on the schedule are also when we make sure that rotating subjects and long term projects such as history, geography, or art history and being worked on. Enjoy the guide – but it is just that. Many days we just wake up and head to the beach or out to explore.

FREE PRINTABLE WORD DOC: Homeschooling Daily Schedule


Enjoy your summer!! ~ Joy

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