Friendly Ghost Jicama and Dip Halloween Snack

Posted on October 30, 2014

Friendly Ghost Jicama and Dip Halloween Snack

Friendly Ghost Jicama and Dip ibelieveinjoy.comDon’t let the holidays scare you with all the unhealthy sugary options…choose this adorable and delicious Friendly Ghost Jicama and Dip Halloween Snack instead! Jicama are a healthy alternative to chips and can be used with a variety of dips.

This snack is perfect for after school, a school or work party, or to serve your kids. It can be switched up to adapt for any time of the year using your favorite holiday shaped cookie cutters to fit any season of the year! It is SO easy and healthy too! Enjoy!

This recipe was also featured in San Diego Family Magazine’s Snacking with Joy! Subscribe to SDFM today!

I use a mandolin in my kitchen almost every day! It made making this snack so simple. Here’s where you can get one today (affiliate link)



Friendly Ghost Jicama and Dip Halloween Snack
Healthy, easy, and totally fun, this snack is perfect for any occasion!!
  1. Fresh organic jicama
  2. Black olives
  3. Organic Black Bean Dip (easy to prepare or grab at local grocery store)
  4. Fresh cilantro
  1. Slice jicama into 1/4 inch slices (easy tip: don't even peel it, just slice using a mandolin!)
  2. Cut out festive holiday shapes using a cookie cutter (apply this snack for any holiday!)
  3. Use sliced olives for the faces
  4. Serve with Black Bean and Cilantro Garnish
  5. My kids gobbled up this healthy and fun treat and loved it!
  1. Any cooking or cutting needs to be done by an adult. Thanks!
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