Introducing the Letter of the Week

Posted on August 5, 2014

Introducing the Letter of the Week

by Joy

Introducing Letter of the WeekSo many people have asked me, “how do you do Home Learning Preschool?!?! What curriculum do you buy?!?!”

Most of my ideas for learning do not come from templates, or lesson plans, or store bought expensive apps. They come from the curiosity of my children combined with the joyful passion of my heart. Most of the things a preschooler needs to learn you can teach them from home with little or no cost if you want to make home learning fun! They need to know all their basic skills…counting, mathematics, writing their name, identifying letter sounds, phonics sounds (a huge help!), and many other skills like opposites, classifying, sorting, and listening. But there is one skill I think that only you can help bring out in your child. A LOVE OF LEARNING!!

Here is how I introduce the letter of the week in a fun, free, and easy way using items I have already around my house…..

Introducing Letter of the WeekHere’s what the kids wake up to in the morning. Here’s how I set it up:

1. Select the letter and write it on colored paper.

2. Place out glue and an item to glue to it. Today I used Rice for the letter R. Other days I have used Ice cubes (they traced the letter with ice and watched it melt for letter I). Be creative!! There is no correct way to have fun with learning!

3. Place a centerpiece with items from around the house that start with the letter R. This is important because you want your child to learn phonics, in addition to letter recognition.

 Use the glue stick to teach your child proper letter formation. Show them first, and then let them try. Watch my video here to see how we do it. 

photo 4 (2)Once they have learned how to form the letter, let them do a fun craft related to the phonics sound. We simply glued on Rice while she made the RRRRRR sound out loud. I have highly physical learners ~ meaning that if I give them a physical motor skill to do (jumping, sifting, rolling, gluing) while they are repeating their learning lessons ~  I see them retain the information much quicker and absorb the material with better understanding.

How do you set up your learning space to introduce the Letter of the Week? I would LOVE for you to post me some of your photos and ideas! ~ Joy 

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