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Posted on June 17, 2014

Free Printable: Marriage Vision Statement Development Worksheet


 Marriage: Fighting in a Tent (Developing Marriage Vision Statements Together)wedding hands


Someone once told me, “When you get married, it is more important who you want to fight with then who you want to walk down the aisle to. What I mean by that is, pretend you are stuck in a tent with rain pouring down, and mud up to your knees, and wind whipping at your face. It is the dark of night. You hear wolves in the distance and realize you are surrounded. Now, who do you want in that tent with you? Who will fight with you and for you? Who will never give up no matter how bleak it looks? Who will lay down his life for yours? Who will stop at nothing until the family he is responsible is protected?” Marry that man. I am so grateful every day that I live, serve, and honor that man in my life. 

We began ten years ago making vision statements together for our marriage. Where we saw ourselves with God in one year, five, years, ten years, twenty-five years, seventy-five years. What do we need to do one day at a time to get there. We had mentors who regularly talk about and put things like this down on paper. I loved it recently, when we had just moved (again!), and a box came open. I found a list of ten year vision statements for our marriage that we had written right around ten years ago. The amazing thing was how many vision statements could be crossed off that list. The majority of them could. Crossing off of the list did not come easily. They came in ways we completely did not expect. They came in ways that were harder than we imagined. They came in ways that we were transformed more than we were the same. Some things on the list we still aspire for and have yet to come anywhere close to them at all. But through this process, we have learned to dream for the visions for our marriage from God together. The practice of putting them from our hearts to paper together has really helped solidify the course of our marriage and the vision statement of our family (see Family Vision Statement post). 

Sometimes I catch myself in the business of the day, repeating one of our vision statements in my mind, almost like clockwork the words play in back of my mind and then I realize that I am saying it. For example, “To keep my spouse as my best friend and serve God with my life.” This is just one example. For a marriage couple to sit down together every year, and create marriage vision statements together, what a powerful impact it can have. 

FREE PRINTABLE PLANNER BELOW (*Note: Created in Word Smart Art, Views and Prints in Word) 

Marriage Vision Statement Planner  (CLICK to View / Print in Word)

Not sure where to begin? Here is a free printable for your next date night to help get the conversation started. It includes a 1 year from now and 5 year from now vision statement that can be set together today. It also includes an area to pray and write a practical daily and monthly commitment that can help reach a specific marriage vision statement together. 

Enjoy ~

What is a marriage vision statement you have made together?

Can you identify how having a marriage statement helped your marriage during seasons of storms or “in a tent” experience?

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