Name Writing Stations

Posted on August 1, 2014

Name Writing Stations

For your Home Learning Preschool Children


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There are so many ways that we introduce home name writing from the ages of 1 up until 5. The variety of textures, senses, and games simply add to my children’s love of writing their names and their development of handwriting skills.

We start with the Uppercase simply for letter identification and phonics. Once that has been mastered, we add the Lowercase “partners” to their skills. This is a fun time to introduce the concept of proper names that use an Uppercase letter. One way we practice name writing at home for my Home Learning Preschoolers is the use of a Sensory Writing Tray. FREE PRINTABLE LESSON PLAN BELOW

My 1 year old begins by coloring her letter, recognizing it, and saying it.
My 1 year old begins by coloring her letter, recognizing it, and saying it.

For a 1-3 year old station you can begin with the letters by themselves. Once your child is ready to write their whole name, finding fun activities like this Sensory Name Writing Activity is really fun! I created this from my home and you can too, using ingredients you most likely already have. It is such a fun way to give your preschool age child the ability to both learn how to write their name, but also how to strengthen their fine motor skills before using pencil work.

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Sensory Writing Tray Activity
This lesson plan shows you how to make a sensory writing tray to practice writing names (or any words you like) with your home learning child. (NOT a recipe, do not eat! 🙂
Lesson Plan Supplies
  1. 1 Baking Tray or Large Rectangular Casserole Dish
  2. Wax Paper Roll
  3. 1 cup of salt, sugar, or craft sand
  4. 1 piece of colored construction paper
  5. 1 black marker
  6. Tape
  1. Write the child's name on the construction paper.
  2. Use a piece of wax paper large enough to cover the tray.
  3. Tape the wax paper in place over the name.
  4. Pour the 1 cup salt or sugar over the name.
  5. Teach your child to write their name, using proper form. When they do, they will see their own name "appear" like magic below the salt.
  6. FUN, FREE, EASY! Always joyful learning at
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