Pumpkin Patch Cheese and Cracker Snack

Posted on October 30, 2014

Pumpkin Patch Cheese and Cracker SnackPumpkin Patch Cheese and Cracker Snack ibelieveinjoy.com
Pumpkin Patch Cheese and Cracker Snack

by Joy

I had SOOO much fun making this Halloween Snack with my daughters who are allergic to nuts. This snack was also featured in San Diego Family Magazine’s Snacking with Joy column. Subscribe to SDFM today! 

Enjoy making this fun and healthy snack together! We sure did!

Pumpkin Patch Snack
Healthy and fun, this allergy friendly snack is perfect for Halloween or any time of the year!
  1. Whole grain and seed crackers
  2. Babybell cheese rounds
  3. Fresh organic Oregano
  4. Swiss cheese
  1. Cut faces into the red wax cheese covering and remove the rest of the wax (do not eat the wax covering)
  2. Put one cheese round onto each cracker
  3. Use shape cutters to make stars and moon, place onto plate
  4. Garnish with fresh oregano
  5. Enjoy your beautiful and yummy Pumpkin Patch Snack for Halloween or all year long!
  1. All my recipe cooking and cutting needs to be done by an adult. Thank you!
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