Waiting Room Tip for Toddlers

Posted on August 30, 2014

Waiting Room Tip for Toddlers: Why Didn’t I Think of this Sooner??! 

Ok, I know what you are thinking. Joy, you are a Registered Nurse! You have spent YEARS with pediatric patients in a trauma hospital. You should have thought of this before. Joy, you have 3 kids!! You should have your stuff together by now right?! Wrong. Every day I am learning something new. Every day I ask myself- how could I have made this day go a little better tomorrow? Every day I feel like something that worked with my child #1 is not working at all with my child #3. And then sometimes….I think of something and I am SO happy and yet at the same time I ask myself, HOW DID I NOT THINK OF THIS SOONER?! This day was one of those times.

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I had already realized the value of having a clip board for each child. Those cost about 99 cents at the store. We bring a backpack and our daily work with us because honestly you never know when something will go off track and I will need to entertain 3 kids for longer than expected. The only plan that works is the plan to have a back up plan 🙂

I had the clipboard, so my older kids were squared away. But what about the toddler who was waiting for a well check up? No matter what health choices we all may make: to vaccinate, not to vaccinate, to see a MD, DO, NP, or Chiropractor: chances are, we will participate in routine well care visits, and chances are, we will need to wait for them. Chances also are, that any one of our kids will have a melt down.

We had a well check for another sibling a few days prior that included a meltdown as my Littles waited. I looked at the situation from my toddler’s perspective and I thought: How can I make this go better for next time? After brainstorming, I came up with this plan, and tried it out. My only hope was that the waiting room portion would go better this time.

And it DID! 🙂

It dawned on me….there is always paper in every room we wait in. On the table. Where my kid is sitting. Waiting. Just bring some crayons! 

I brought out the crayons and told the kids they could color on the paper. They were SO HAPPY! We were busy coloring, tracing, creating, and singing. The Doctor eventually walked in, looked really happily surprised, and so happy that we were happy! The visit went excellent and I thought….How did I not think of this sooner?! BUT, Better now than never, right?!

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She was happy, quiet, did not make a mess, and the waiting room time seemed to go by so much faster!! No melt downs!

If you need some supply ideas, here you go! (affiliate links)

(3 Pack, Sturdy Build)

(I love these Twistable Mini Crayons, because I can close them when done to avoid wall coloring 😉 

What other waiting room tip do you do? ~ Joy

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