Why I Still Play in Mud

Posted on August 23, 2014


If we let our kids go barefoot,

and feel the worms wiggling under their toes,

and the leaves crunching beneath their feet,

and the moist grass refreshing their playful warm skin….

Would we need to buy sensory bins?


CAM04453 If we let our kids play in the mud,

and be exposed to bacteria,

and develop healthy immune systems,

and have a whole lot of fun….

Would we need to slather them with antibacterial gel to “keep them healthy?”


If we gave our kids the recommended 10 – 14 hugs a day,

instead of checking our Facebook messages and texting twice that amount of times in a day,

would we have a more attached family,

and an emotionally healthier world?


I don’t know.

But I’m thinking about it.

In the meantime….

You may find me hugging my kids in the mud a bit more.

 Joyful Learning with my 3 Girls


Can you remember the last time your kids played in the mud? If so, send us a picture, with your permission, and we will add it to this post! ~ Joy

Reader Submitted photo of an Adorable 4 year old playing in Mud! Thank you for submitted this cute picture!
Reader Submitted photo of an Adorable 4 year old playing in Mud! Thank you for submitting this cute picture!

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