Biracial Hair Care 101

Posted on June 1, 2014

Biracial Hair Care 101: The hair journey that started it all……..

I wish I could tell you that my girls came into my arms with instruction manuals on biracial (African American and Caucasian) hair care. But nope! I realized I needed a biracial hair care plan … and fast … because I have the blessing of 3 girls!!!


Strangers began instantly telling me how to care for my children’s hair. Do this. Don’t do that. Straighten this. Apply that. Pull this. Relax that.

WAIT a minute!!!


I really believe that the hair that grows out of my child’s head is a masterpiece. How in the world can I teach my 3 kids that they are absolutely beautiful and to love their bodies if I complain every time I need to brush hair or if I raise them committed to daily use of a chemical product specifically geared to “change” their hair?

I did not feel comfortable to begin putting chemicals on their hair as children to  change what God specifically made for them. AND nearly ALL the products I researched were so loaded full of chemicals that I would not put them on my skin let alone my children. You may Watch this Movie Trailer for more Information and social implications on hair (this is a brief adult trailer, adults can view the entire movie on Netflix).

It became my passion, my joyful obsession to learn everything I could about my 3 daughters beautiful, unique, magnificent biracial hair AND how to care for their hair naturally with more joy. What a gift of self love I could pass on to my children. What a gift of self love I had to learn to give to myself in the process.


I know that the process is not easy. That is why I had to make the choice for joy. When it comes to biracial hair – I believe in joy! No matter how many days in a row you and your child have cried because you could not comb through his / her hair but you don’t know what to do – I believe in joy. No matter how many months you dreamed of your child’s adoption and are now paralyzed with hair care fears – I believe in joy. And if you have taken the time to read this far into my post, then I believe in YOU! (insert your photo here 🙂 

I have been there. I have cried in frustration and desperation too. Nearly 10 years later, now I am the one who meets a parent on the brink of tears – and they look at one of my daughter’s 12 inch long biracial curls or dozens of braids and ask me, “What do you do?!” Countless times in my day I have dropped everything and written down a home-made natural DIY Biracial Detangling Spray formula for strangers on the back of their paper grocery bag, event ticket or receipt. Eventually, we started sharing our journey online – it is a lot easier than writing on a crumpled receipt and we can reach way more families with joy!


If you want to join the natural and joyful hair journey, you can find help with these free resources:

Biracial Hair Care 101 Styling Videos

Biracial Hair Care 101 Blog Posts

Youtube Channel 

Facebook page.


Let’s smile, and embrace the joyful natural hair care journey, together!


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2 thoughts on “Biracial Hair Care 101

  1. I am so glad I found your site. I will be trying your hair care spray this week! One question what age you started to cut your girls hair?

    1. Hi Lauren, Welcome!
      I actually have one kiddo who wanted her hair cut at age 2 and she has asked to keep it short since then – I get it cut regularly for her to keep it short. My other kiddos have been growing their hair to 14 – 18 inches long and have never wanted it cut! I got the first trim to even the ends up around age 5. Some faiths do not cut the hair at all, and some people like to cut it all short as a toddler and let grow back in. I have found need to only cut as needed per each child. Always use a hairstylist who is familiar with biracial hair first, ask for a reference. I also found that you have to be strong in what you want – many have tried to get me to allow them to chemically relax my child’s hair to make it easier for them to cut, I declined and moved on to the next hairstylist on my list. Hope that helps! So glad you are here 🙂 Love, Joy

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