Biracial Hair Care 101

~ Biracial Hair Care 101! ~ 

Welcome! I am so glad you all came today! We LOVE hair! 

So many people have asked us how we care for our biracial hair that we created this blog section just for you!

We use natural methods with as fewest chemicals as possible to care for and style our family’s beautiful and unique biracial hairEach of our 3 daughters have their own beautifully blended hair type.

Learn how we care for beautiful biracial hair including no-tears detangling, daily maintenance, bedtime routine, how to styles, and more!

My passion is to spread natural biracial hair care  – with joy!

photo (27)Our Biracial Hair Care 101 Blog Includes:

Biracial Store: Buy What I Really Use

Hair Style Gallery: Click the Photo for Instructions How to Style

Video Tutorials Page: Watch How I do hair in “real life”

Most Pinned Post: DIY Daily Conditioning and Detangling Spray you can make with only 3 ingredients!

I am so happy you came to visit our biracial hair care page! Several basic posts about Biracial Hair Care 101 and celebrating our Biracial family life are here …

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Biracial Hair Care 101...
Biracial Hair Care 101:...
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Why have I taken the time to share what we do for free? Here’s why….   Love, Joy

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7 thoughts on “Biracial Hair Care 101

  1. My daughter is 2 and her hair isn’t quite long enough for banding. I there any other night routine to help with breakage and tangles in the night?

    1. Hi! For my 2 year olds when their hair is too short for banding but is just long enough to tangle I do this: Co-wash at bath time (the one I use is in my store), then detangle with my fingers and leave in conditioner (also in my store). IF too long for finger detangling (there is a video I show how I do this on my video page), then I will use the denman to detangle (also in store and also a video). I do that every night before bedtime. Then I put a sleep cap bonnet style (in store) on for night time. (if your toddler won’t keep the sleep cap on, you can also use a satin pillowcase). In the morning I just spray the hair with my detangling spray (video in tutorial on how to make, and all supplies in the store and post with recipe) – and it takes a few seconds in the morning. If I keep up on this routine each night / morning there are very little breakage at all and very little tangles have opportunity to lock up. That’s what I do and we love the routine. For my real littles I use coconut oil on the short hair for gentle detangling after bath. Hope that helps! Thanks for coming to visit ~ 🙂 Joy

  2. Hi Joy!
    You have beautiful girls who are blessed to have an awesome Mommy like you. I just wanted to thank you and your family for posting all of your knowledge and experience for Mom’s like me who struggle with how to care and style for biracial hair. I’m amazed at how the front hairline is so smooth and no frizzies. I’m thinking it’s your night time routine which I never thought to do. I can’t wait to try your detangling spray and recommendations for my 10 year old daughter. Thanks so much for sharing!!

    1. Thank you Mary for your kind words and encouragement. I really only began sharing because it made such a life changing routine for our family and others began asking me and I wanted to bless others as well. I am so glad to hear that it has helped your family. Thanks for stopping by and sharing support for healthy, happy, natural hair 🙂 ~ Joy

  3. My daughter’s hair gets a lot of white flakes. Her scalp must be dry?…any suggestions? I have tried so many different products already.. Not sure what to do.

    1. Hi 🙂
      There can be many reasons for this. What I have found for my girls, that if I use shampoo too often (more than once every 10-14 days), or a shampoo with high chemical content, that dry scalp would happen. I use a co-wash routine for nightly baths (wash hair with a natural conditioner). If a dry section starts, I apply either Aquaphor or pure unrefined shea butter to that spot at night time (they are both a thick moisturizer). There are a few shampoos and conditioners that I do like in my Biracial Hair 101 Store and also there’s a post and product review on Shampoo as well in the post section. For me, when I reduced chemicals and products in shampoos and sprays (I switched to just using the DIY Moisturizing / Detangling Spray post and stopped using spray bought detanglers), and focused on natural moisture and routines, I was able to eliminate the dry scalp. A dermatology consult can also be helpful if the problem persists to diagnosis any scalp conditions and your doctor can advise you how to proceed if needed. 🙂 I am happy to share our hair journey, please remember it is not medical advice but simply our journey of what worked for us 🙂 Thank you for stopping over! Love, Joy

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