Breakfast Burrito

Posted on July 22, 2014

 “Food Allergies are Real! Snacks that avoid them are Fun @  TM!”

Breakfast Burrito

No Eggs, No dairy, No Gluten option, No Nuts ~ Delicious and Healthy!

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Bkfast Burrito no egg PM

I just LOVE making breakfast burritos, breakfast salads, and healthy breakfast cookies. All with my own fun, allergy friendly, yet still healthy spin.

I also LOVE using all my resources and not wasting anything.

So, last week I was at the store and saw London Broil on sale for an insanely low price with insanely great quality. We eat red meat only about once every two months, and this would be the week!

I cooked the meat with 1 sliced onion and some pepper in the crock pot while I taught one afternoon in the community and did my wellness consults by phone at the beach. When I returned home the smell was amazing. It drew me up the stairs and right to the kitchen table. We used the protein for our dinner that night: lettuce wraps with meat, onions, avocado, peppers, and tomato. It was delicious. But I still had a good portion of each left over.

Luckily, our whole family is in the routine of being creative and finding new ways to gain joyful nutrition since we started Complete Transformation. We have been including as many whole foods as possible, in unique ways. We aren’t perfect, but every week we simply try to do a bit better than the week before. So far combined we have lost 85 pounds, gained strength and energy, and found a new joyful wellness in our home! We are creating a lot of joyful food inventions around here!

So, that night we had the lettuce wraps but I had ingredients left over. The next morning, I looked in the fridge, and here is what I had:

Bkfast Burrito no egg PM

2 cup of cubed and cooked potatoes

2 cup of chopped sweet peppers

2 cup of London Broil

1 ripe mango

1 handful of cilantro

That sounds like a pretty awesome No Egg Breakfast Burrito to me! I gave it a try and it was fantastic!!

bk burito wrapPM


Getting a healthy start to the day makes such a big difference. With different members of our family being allergic to different things, we have found such joy with being a flexible team at meal times. Some people ate the ingredients with salad that morning, others in a gluten free wrap. Still others in this over-sized tortilla. We have found joy by making a meal starter plate such as this one, and then finding a way it can fit our budget, allergies, health goals, and taste buds! This No Egg Breakfast Burrito definitely passed all the requirements! It was full of flavor and gave us a great energy start to our day!

Bkfast Burrito no egg PM


Breakfast Burrito
No Egg breakfast burrito is full of flavor and gives a great hearty start to the day. "Food allergies are real! Snacks that avoid them are Fun @ !"
  1. 2 cups protein (we had London Broil left overs)
  2. 2 cups sweet peppers chopped
  3. 2 cups cubed and cooked potatoes
  4. 1 mango diced
  5. 1 handful cilantro chopped
  6. Pepper to taste
  7. Optional wraps: gluten free wrap, tortilla, or lettuce
  1. Combine ingredients.
  2. Divide amount according to age.
  3. Add ingredients to breakfast wrap, tortilla, or lettuce of choice depending on allergy and preference needs.
  4. Use any protein left over from dinner and make it a great hearty start to the day!
I Believe in Joy!
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