Cave Tools Meat Claws Product Review

Posted on July 14, 2015

 Cave Tools Meat Claws Product Review

by Joy

Cave Tools Meat Claws Product Review: Everyone loves a great BBQ. For me, it is not just about the final meal, but it is every detail that goes into making that final BBQ meal experience fabulous. The kids helping make and apply the dry rub, my husband making the homemade BBQ sauce, and the smell of the delicious meat slow cooking all day. It is the friends and family calling throughout the day asking what they can bring, and what time the BBQ will be ready. This summer, we invited a new guest to our family BBQ tradition.

Enter ~ the Cave Tools Meat Claws 

Meat Claw Product Review 2

The Cave Tools Meat Claws were delivered quickly to my door as promised.

Meat Claw Product Review 3

Here’s a photo of their actual size. They have a comfortable grip for any size hand and are easy to hold.

Meat Claw Product Review 4

We were pleasantly surprised when we realized we were able to use the Meat Claws to help transfer the hot meat safely to our table surface.

Meat Claw Product Review 5

My husband was more than happy to give these Meat Claws their proper welcome. Our pork roast had been slow cooking all day and now it was time to see how these Meat Claws worked to shred the meat.

Meat Claw Product Review 7

Within seconds, the tender and juicy pork pulled easily off the bone and the Meat Claws allowed us to shred it faster, easier, and without any heat of the meat touching our hands. It was far better than using any other utensil.  

Meat Claw Product Review 9

Once the pork was pulled from the bone the Meat Claws also allowed us to serve the meat without getting any other serving spoons dirty. I love a kitchen product that serves more than one function ~ and does them all well. The Cave Tools Company is also known for its great customer service. All my interactions with the Cave Tools staff have been above and beyond what was expected for customer service, and they have a 100% money back guarantee. But I don’t think that will be necessary. 

The Meat Claws are one guest you will want to keep inviting back to your BBQ tradition.

To get your own Meat Claws you can contact:

Disclaimer: I did not receive monetary payment for doing this product review. All the experiences and opinions are my own. I only review products I have tried, said WOW, and would recommend a friend. The Cave Tools Meat Claws met my standards and I am pleased to recommend them to you! 

So, what did we make using the Meat Claws? Here is The Best Pulled Pork Sandwich Recipe you will ever make!

Pulled Pork Sandich Recipe

“When we say WOW I tell you now, at!” 

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 Happy BBQ! ~ Joy



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