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Posted on June 13, 2014

Denman Brush: Product Review Biracial Hair 101

Here’s where you can purchase the Denman Brush (affiliate link):


We have developed a process in our home for Natural Biracial Hair Care Detangling using the Denman Brush that results in happy kids, happy hair, and happy Mom. I added the Denman Brush to our family about 7 years ago. This MVP has proven essential in our daily duty of detangling Natural Biracial Hair for maintenance and preparation for the next style.

If I treated this little beauty of a brush with as much care that it has brought our family well it would go something like this…Denman would have its own seat at our table. It would get birthday parties and come with us on vacation. It would receive allowance because it definitely does its fair share of the chores.

Denman Brush - An essential for biracial hair care. You can purchase at a local beauty supply store
Denman Brush – An essential for biracial hair care. 

Here is what it does: It is excellent for use on wet, conditioned, free hair (by that I mean not in a braid, lock, or twist) to detangle and prepare biracial hair for the daily style. I found instantly that if my girls slept in free hair just down, or even in a loose pony or bun, that by morning it would be a huge tangle of knots or locks that I was unable to get out, or matted hair that resulted in crying when trying to get detangled. I never have this problem anymore.

Here’s when to use the Denman: On wet hair. I use it anytime of the day. If the hair is dry, I use my Biracial Hair Spray (see post to make it) first and then begin to use the Denman. It is best though, on conditioned wet hair. It is ideal to do after bath or shower.

Here is a video showing how I use it on long biracial hair of my daughters: (Please note, when her hair is dry it is extremely curly, it locks up very easily, and can also be worn as free hair picked out, down in tight curls, or in braids for weeks. The video you see here the hair is wet, conditioned with a leave in shea which holds the hair deeply with moisture allowing me to detangle it. IF I let it dry after this denman process, it will form beautiful tight curls. But since it is bedtime, I am going to band it for the night.

Here is a video I made to show how I use the Denman brush after bath:

How to detangle long biracial hair using the Denman Brush

SO, Thank you Denman for being such a loyal part of our family 🙂 Maybe next year I will give you an allowance too 🙂
 Disclaimer: No payment was received for doing this product review. Affiliate links are used.

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