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Posted on July 13, 2015

Everyday California: Destination Review 

Everyday CaliforniaEveryday California: Destination Review

by Joy

Everyday California: Destination Review

If you love being in the outdoors, exploring the ocean, or trying new water adventures in San Diego, then Everyday California is a place you need to know about.

Their most popular activities are Kayaking, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, and Snorkeling. In San Diego, you might find a lot of places offering similar services, but trust a local and check out Everyday California. They even have regular Groupon Specials for great local prices.

Located in La Jolla Cove, their unique setting offers an experience that is unmatched. From the top of my Stand Up Paddle Board, I saw the sea lions jumping and swimming about, the beautiful schools of fish, the cove, and even a dolphin pod in the distance. Their customer service was out of the ordinary, the ocean adventure delivered more than I expected, and the friendliness of every staff member I met truly made me say WOW!

Everyday California Review

Here’s a picture just before my first time Stand Up Paddle Boarding ~ it has now become my new hobby! Local tip: For paddle boarding, codes require you to transport your board the short walk from the shop to the water, but if you want to avoid carrying your board that short walk, just bring a friend and a truck or minivan 🙂 Check out how our group rocked the minivan ~ paddle board style!

Everyday California review ibelievinjoy

I will always remember this Stand Up Paddle Board Adventure. The cool water was so refreshing, and the site at the La Jolla Cove breath taking. I jumped into the water with my board. After passing over a few waves the water became calm and it was smooth paddle boarding after that. Within a few minutes I was a Stand Up Paddle Board pro! (well, not really a pro but I stopped falling off my board 😉 It was so relaxing and the perfect way to take in the San Diego ocean life.

Whether you live in California everyday or are just here for vacation, you will want to visit Everyday California, I am really glad that I did!

Click here to Contact Everyday California to plan your next ocean adventure!

Everyday CaliforniaPhotograph Credit to: Everyday California Facebook Page. Like and Follow them right here today!

Disclaimer: Verify all contact information directly from Everyday California’s current website. I was not paid to do this Destination Review, the experiences are my own opinions. I only do product reviews on items or adventures that make me say WOW! 

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