Jerome Brownlee JR. MED. MTH.

Jerome is the heart behind our family ministry. With two Masters Degrees and experience as a Pastor, Family Therapist, Teacher, Community Advocate, Manager, Military Education University Development Recruiter, University Education Counselor, Veterans Educational Counselor, Small Group Strategic Planner, Men’s Group Leader,  Strategic Growth Developer, Worship Leader – Jerome brings community development and the message of hope everywhere he goes. As a Nationally Ranked Public Speaker, he reaches hearts in Places of Faith Gatherings, Military Prisons, University Campuses, and Public Events.

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Joy Brownlee RN. BSN. MED.
Joy Brownlee RN.R BSN. MED.

Joy is passionate about education, learning, and inspiring others to reach their full potential. Joy is a Registered Nurse (retired) with a Bachelor’s in Science & Nursing, an Educator with a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education, and continuing University training both Ethical Cultural Communications and Christian Ministry. She has a diversified portfolio in Pediatrics, Supervision, and Serving Diverse Populations. Joy served as the Grand Canyon University Medical Mission Coordinator, piloting a mission team combined of Multiple Disciplines across Medical, Educational, and Orphanage Care utilizing Existing Culture Empowerment Principles. She is a Published Author and Appears in San Diego Family Magazine in a Family Focused Food Column, “Snacking with Joy!” Joy’s passion is to provide Free Resources to families with Biracial and Multicultural Children as a Multicultural Community Advocate and advancing educational opportunities and literacy in under served areas. She wrote and implemented a Free Early Literacy Program for San Diego Public Library, focusing on Diverse Cultures and Early Literacy Needs of Poverty level families. Currently Joy serves her community as the Director of Preschool Ministries for The Church at Arrowhead and enjoys creating educational opportunities for families around the state. 

Recently, our family has been selected as an official Family2Family Childsplay Theatre Blog Reviewer! Find out more by clicking here.

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Jerome and Joy have been married for 13 years. As a family, we enjoy beach days with our kids, jeep drives with new friends, cutting down our yearly Christmas tree, facilitating our Multicultural Home Education, sharing stories and laughing, and making new friends everywhere we go.  We have 2 sons carried in our hearts forever, and 3 daughters (our Junior Product Review Team!) who make our lives so much fun! We are all – Always Learning!

We love making partnerships of love where only shadows of fear existed before. 

Uncross Your Arms

We look forward to meeting you and partnering with you.


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  1. Beautiful family, great message, and a great blog. I came across your blog through your blog on biracial hair care. Look forward to learning more about hair care, and food!

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