Goldbaum’s Brown Rice Pasta

Posted on June 18, 2014

Product Review: Goldbaum’s Brown Rice Pasta

Disclaimer: No payment was received for doing this product review. I do use affiliate links in this post.

Hooray! I have found a Gluten free pasta we like!

AND HOORAY!! I can now buy this organic, gluten free, kosher from Amazon without standing in the grocery line!! Here’s the affiliate link for you! I am super excited about this!

We have tried many gluten free pastas before and some were alright, but none were enough to blog about. Enter Goldbaum’s Brown Rice PastaGluten Free Pasta We Like!I had not tried this brand before, so I thought we would give you an honest product review. I am sure glad we did! Everyone in the family liked it. It only contains three ingredients: brown rice, rice bran, and water. Here is the nutritional content, seals, and highlights:

photo 2 (10)

So what did I make with it?

That was the beautiful part. Normally the gluten free pastas we have tried in the past did not hold their form well enough to be very versatile. This pasta was the exception. Our first trial with the pasta I made a cold Italian salad to enjoy by the pool. It had fresh olives, sweet peppers, fresh picked onions, cucumber, and delicious imported cheese. I used a bit of a delicious homemade salad dressing with a squeeze of citrus and I could have enjoyed that salad by the pool all day (enter 3 kids and that’s that)! However, the pasta held it’s form and tasted fantastic

The next week I reviewed this product I made one of my daughter’s favorite meals. My homemade lactose friendlier version of a classic Alfredo. This version is gentle enough to digest that even my daughter who is lactose intolerant gobbles it up with joy!  Check out the recipe in my recipe blog where I create new meals with my 3 daughters to make  food allergies fun! 

photo (29)The next day I am sure the leftovers of this warmed up pasta would have been delicious, however, there was none left to review. We had eaten every last spoonful!

For my criteria, this pasta gets two thumbs up: Pleasing to the whole family of 5, cost effective, quality ingredients, allergy friendly, tastes great, and keeps us eating as many real foods as possible. Well worth the taste and nutrition for our family of 5.

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