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Posted on July 22, 2014

Product Review: San Diego Family Magazine


When we found out we were moving from another state to San Diego, we had about 2 weeks to sell our home, pack up, and arrive in our new city. It was a big move for us. Within days of arriving here I was at the local library. I sat in an over-sized comfortable chair and wished I felt as comfortable in my new city as I did in that armchair. I did not know anyone. I did not know pediatricians, dance class recommendations, a kids eye doctor, a pediatric dentist, fun things to do around our new city…….the list went on and on of what I did not know!

I looked over and there was a blessing. A magazine caught my eye. The cover had been handled, as if someone before me had also become very comfortable walking through the pages. On the cover were the words, “San Diego Family.” I will never forget reading those words. I did not yet feel like a “San Diego Family.” I felt like someone new in town, new to the city, new to the smells, sights, color, and feel. Yet – this was our new home. I desperately wanted to etch out a comfortable path for our family to walk. I wanted it to feel as inviting and comforting to my family as the over-sized library armchair felt to me that day.

SDFMWhen I opened the pages of San Diego Family Magazine, that is exactly the warm reception I received. Instantly I was directed to local spots that my family and I could experience, and many, for free. Local dentists, eye doctors, dance classes, festivals, and community events were all depicted for me right there on the pages. I longed for a path for our newly relocated family to walk, and when I opened the pages of San Diego Family Magazine, I felt for the first time, at home.

I sat in that library chair reading every word, feeling like it was written specifically for me. I looked up and almost 40 minutes had passed by. I will never forget that day. There are some things that happen when we relocate to a new city. First, our determination gets new wings. Second, our hearts get a bit homesick. Third, we find someone to come along side us, and make our new unfamiliar city begin to feel like home. That is what this magazine did for our family. After reading it, we knew what was going on in our new neighborhood. We were filled with referrals for services we desperately needed. We felt connected in a new way to the people right next door. 

Now, as a local San Diego family, I am so proud to be part of this warm and welcoming community. To feel at home here and be able to say we are a “San Diego Family” is such a milestone for any family who has moved to a new city. 

For us, it all started that day in the library when I sat down in a comfortable chair, and saw a magazine. I opened up the pages. Little did I know San Diego Family magazine would etch out a path for my family, to settle into our new neighborhood, new community, and new home. 

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~ Joy

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