Snap Circuits Toy Review

Posted on July 11, 2014


Snap Circuits Product Review
Snap Circuits Product Review

Snap Circuits Toy Review

My family was very pleased to do this toy review for you. Snap Circuits has a variety of fun, well made, educational toys that teach the basics of a circuit board and inventing using a variety of components. There are even snap circuit boards that are powered with solar power. There was a lot of screaming and jumping the day this package arrived!! The Snap Circuits Advanced has 300 different electrical circuit board projects that will keep anyone busy having tons of learning fun!! She absolutely loves creating the electrical circuits in this home science learning toy.

 She has made electrical circuits to run an alarm system, a musical alarm, a multi-function sound system, a fan, and so much more!! She makes a new one literally almost every single day. There are still pieces and combinations that she has not used because there are so many electrical circuit options in this kit!! This educational and fun learning toy is now a family favorite that the adults and kids love using!!

Snap Circuits Advanced!

 Why I selected this product to review for you: It has the WOW factor. It is well made. Mom and Kid approved. Worth the investment. Fosters self thinking, creativity, and love of learning. Can be used by multiple children. Can be used for multiple home lesson applications. IS FUN!!!!!!! Builds an essential foundation for science.

Adult supervision is required, especially in the beginning when teaching safe concepts of electrical circuits. I will say the book has excellent visual diagrams and instructions showing how to safely use this product. 

Where Can I Buy It: Right here at my affiliate link!

This toy has made us say WOW and we are telling you now at!

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 Disclaimer: No payment was received for doing this free product review. I post reviews for my readers on products that I have tried, said WOW and would recommend a friend.

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