Styling Tools for Biracial Hair

Posted on June 1, 2014

Beauty supply stores, market stores, and even the dollar store are full of products promising to help hair care be easier. In the early years I wasted time and money on a whole bunch of stuff I did not need. I now have a set of basic “must have” styling tools for our biracial family. If I waiver from this list at all = time and time again it proves to be a waste of time and a waste of money. My motto for that is Just don’t do it!! Once we got into our family routine and rhythm of hair care, everything clicked into place. If we stick to our routine and hair maintenance, the days and nights go beautifully smooth. Joy! Here are the styling tools I use:

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1) My Daily Spray Bottle (do not get a cheap one from the dollar store. They clog and break. I use quality product inside the bottle. So get a good quality spray bottle from a hair supply store. It is worth it.)

2) Rat tail comb (for parts and styles – not for daily brushing).

3) A Denman Brush (absolutely a must in my home. This has changed our life with biracial hair care. This is to use on wet hair with a leave in conditioner. You can watch my tutorial on how to use it. It is not for dry hair.)

4. A pick (for the days my girls want braid outs, afro hair, or other adorable natural styles).

5. A good quality natural hair soft bristled brush (get it from a beauty supply store, soft not harsh. We use it with an all natural locking cream or shea butter to make smooth hair going into puffs and ponies.)

*** IF I were on a budget or stranded in the middle of an island and could only get one item pictured here it would be the Denman Brush. For Biracial hair, I just could not function our nightly detangle time without this gem.

That’s It! In our house of 3 biracial girls whose hair spans more than 12 inches in length…that is the most you will see me buy and it works fantastically for us. Now I can spend more money on accessories like fun ponies and beads :)))

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